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bonbonbunni-deactivated20120630 said: Thank you for following ~^^

My pleasure, sweetie! 

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brightmidnight said: I love how mysterious your blog is.

Well thank you kindly! I like having an air of mystery! 

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You Better Straighten Up:

You’re making a mess out of everything. Crooked, jagged, messy. Why is that acceptable? Why is that allowed? If you keep going down that path, you’ll screw up everything. Direction. Dignity. Poise. It’s all for sure; but it’s all for show. But keep it up. Make your mistakes, but you make damn sure take each lesson with you to your grave. Follow what ever path you choose, but take heed: you better straighten up or you may end up like me - happy, free, and watching the world go by whilst living in your corners. Go for that walk and stretch your legs. It’s about time. One day you’ll look and realize, you are the brightest star.

Behind The Scenes: 

Once again, whilst taking a stroll around my house, I happened to look down and noticed that these bricks were out of line, essentially making a once-straightned path jagged. When I stepped down whilst I was walking up the path, I looked down to catch my footing and I smiled… these “Pez-like” bricks have character all in their own and they do not fail to tell a story. And that’s what I enjoy about everything I see… everything tells a story, they’re not just place or situated there for convenience or looks, but they are there to give the world another view. Yours Truly.

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svagga said: heyyy, thanks for following :) i was wondering if you could vote for me for badobsessionn's BOTW. it would mean soo muchhh! there's a link on her page and a link on mine. xx

Anytime, love. I could most definitely vote for you. Keep on standing tall.

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isabar said: What a big surprise ! thanks for following me.. now I can enjoy seeing yours pics ❤

Well thank you for being so sweet! It’s my pleasure! Stay tuned… 

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It’s my pleasure~! And thank you for thinking so. I appreciate it.

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Anytime, love <3 

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aherpamongderps said: WHO ARE YOU AND WHY DO YOU LIKE MY FACE?


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And Then, All Of A Sudden… The Lightbulb Goes On:

It’s not like you have to flip a switch to see the light. It’s all in your head. You don’t even have to think on it. It will come to you. Even in the blackest dark. Even in the darkest black. You have that light that will internally shine inside of you. I can see it from here, hiding in your corners. She can see it across the street. He can see from space. It will guide you. It will keep you warm. Stay focused… because you’ll be surprised… the lightbulb goes on + all the answers you were looking for will finally be found. You are the brightest star.

Behind The Scenes:

I took a stroll around my home + I saw a lightbulb go on. Not literally, but inside my head. Why not photo a porch light that represents these endless ideas that come pouring into my thoughts? When the porch light’s on at home, you know it’s guiding you in the right direction — guiding you back home. I can see it from hiding in your corners. She can see it from across the street. He can see it from space. I know if I let my light shine, you, too, will shine even brighter. Yours Truly.

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tri-attack-deactivated20111213 said: Thanks for you suggestion. :-3

Looking at your tumblr, I can see it's a thought you've already thought about. I'll have to give it some though of my own, too, in order to take up that challenge. Sound be interesting.

You’re very welcome! And indeed I have. It’s been quite a thrilling experience, actually. I suggest it’s a challenge you ensue at least once in your lifetime. Looking forward to seeing how you overcome these challenges. Have a good’un.

Time Of Death Or The Time Of Your Life: You Decide:

Although you may think you have all the time in the world, the clock never stops ticking. You look at the hands; you read the Roman numerals. You try to focus on what you’re working on. For what seems like eons of seconds, you look back at the clock + see that the hands are motionless. You hear the click-click-click of the motor running the seconds hand, echoing on, but the time stands still. Why is time taking forever to move forward?

Although you may think you have all the time in the world, the clock never stops ticking. You look at the hands; you read the Roman numerals. You continue to laugh about stories of your past, shuffling through old photographs, eating delicious summer foods, relaxing, breathing deep with the cool breeze. For what seems like the best day of your life, you briefly remind yourself to look at the clock + your realize that the day is coming to a close. Where did the time go? Why did it disappear so quickly? 

Remember one thing, no matter what you may think, time is forever endless. But YOUR time here is limited. So choose to spend + choose to waste your time wisely… because it could be your time of death, or the time of your life. You best decide soon. There isn’t a moment to waste… so come, kill some time with me~ 

Behind The Scenes:

It happens within the confines of the moment. You get lost in your own littler world + you look up + realize the day is almost gone + night is knocking on your door. I thought about this when I stood on a chair to shove my camera into this wise machine’s face. The constant whir of the machine’s seconds going by; the hands moving so fast but yet ever so slowly, remind me that this minute could be my last or could be my first. I have all the time in the world to decide but yet I’m limited to all the minutes I have been given. Am I making the right choices? Have I done the right things? Only time will tell, but for now, I have all the time in world. And I’m choosing to spend that time with you. I’ll hang out with you in your corners, watching the world go by. Sundown to sunup, from noon to midnight. Let’s go have the time of our lives before Mr. Time of Death comes to meet us. Everyday I’m yours… truly.

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Pause To Reflect: You Are My Window To The World - Black + White iPhoneography Challenge:

Creep, ever so slowly, to make sure you bring the viewfinder just into focus. Hurry! You don’t have a minute to lose. Snap as soon as you see an image floating around in your head. 

You may see it in colour, but I want you to share it in black + white - of course, whatever “it" may be. Could it be you? Could it be the sun? Could it be a paw print in the sand? Could it be a puddle of water gathering after a rainstorm? Could it very well be whatever you want it to be?

Yes, it can. 

Please, those on Instagram: feel free to join my black + white challenge. Who knows? Maybe you can even win it… 

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am-afterglow said: thanks for the follow & the concept of your blog, it's really endearing. take it easy, lovely. :)

You’re welcome, love. Anytime. Thank you for liking my concept. I appreciate it. You do the same~ <3

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rofllmaoqwerty-deactivated20120 said: who u? lol

I’m sorry? Are you asking who I am? <3

fairytalesofnature said: check out my blog? x

I’m followin’ it, love~ <3

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