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Anonymous said: did they take your pix off of tumblrafterhours(.)com ?? search there for inyourcorners

It’s disappointing how spammy Tumblr has gotten…

I Go Miles Just To Be There When You Need Light:

You need it. Need it speculate. To view. To observe. To see. What is it exactly that you need? Light. You need light. Because you see, when it’s dark, you’re prone to danger, you’re prone to making mistakes, or in some cases even stubbing your toe. But light, which is easy, with a flick of a switch, with the strike of a match, with a glance at the sun, light is easy to see. Your future. Your surroundings. Yourself. Take a moment. Look at the light. Whatever the source, never forget, it’s emitting from you. Why? Because you are the brightest star.

Behind The Scenes:
I was walking around my backyard and looked up, most likely because these poles can be unsightly at times. But I found it interesting that this invention, which is conveniently placed in the rightmost corner of my backyard, just stands there tall, delivering people energy. I thought of how many miles this energy source has to travel just to be there at the flick of a switch. How Interesting - interesting enough to make a story out of it. Once again, an object, just like myself, is in your corners, doing something for you. It goes miles for you. I’ll go miles for you. And as much as you need light when the sun falls back to sleep, this manmade design deserves to have some light shed on it. Appreciate those things. Yours Truly. 

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king-of-nowhereland said: Thank you for following! Scrolled through your stuff, I really like your pictures, they have really good concepts behind them.

And thank you for following back! I appreciate you thinking so. I’m glad people find the meaning behind what I truly mean. Good day to you! :) 

tescovalue-deactivated20120719 said: Thank you for following us, we both love your blog. :)

Aw, thank you so much! I appreciate your truly kind words.

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it-was-always-me said: hey thanks for the follow (:

Thanks back, sweetie! <3

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leaaah98-deactivated20140101 said: thankyou for the follow, your blog is good xxx

Thank you back, love! Your blog is perfect <3

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appleappzy said: You should be a writer as well as a photographer. You have an amazing use of words and expression, and whilst your new project could seem creepy, I think it's brilliantly unique. Good luck to you and upload more photos soon!

Thank you immensely for your kind words. My intentions aren’t meant to be too creepy, but I do get the gist of what you mean. I’m so happy you enjoy. I will continue my work - stay tuned, lovely.

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I Was Made To Keep You Safe

It’s obvious I was meant to restrain - restrain those who aren’t meant to enter the confines. But the confines of what? Our personal heaven? Our safety circle? Our comfort zone? There’s a whole world out there, but sometimes the best place is to be on the other side - my side - of the fence. The grass is the greenest it’ll ever be and that’s because it’s you who walks upon my soil, my sand, my gravel. No one else, but you. You are the one; in the corner of the world, that lives and breathes this air so readily available for you. In this little corner, I’m in your corners, wishing you the purest thoughts, the freshest air, the happiest of days. I was made to make sure you are nothing but safe, secure, happy. Why? Because you are the brightest star.

Behind The Scenes:

This photo was also taken at the same local zoo from the aforementioned post below. I was eating lunch with some of my favourite friends and looked over to notice that this wooden fence was built to make sure visitors don’t go trampling through the foliage. It made me smile because I thought it was beautiful - albeit a symbol, perhaps - that things were better on our side of the fence. It was meant to keep myself and many others safe from what was on the other side. I wish you well this new year… Yours Truly.

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minikbalina said: are you on instagram? (this question comes with the freebie, "well, what is your username then?" i'm also minikbalina on instagram, btw)

I am on Instagram, love. Sorry for getting back to you so late! I will make a note to follow you and here’s your freebie: I’m inyourcorners. Hope to see you there! 

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The Reason Why I’m Bolted Together Is So You Can Flow Right Through Me

I was designed to be flawless; I was designed to make sure that what ever you needed would get to you quick, efficiently, and readily. My pipes, my bolts and nuts, are screwed together to make sure I’m in one place. That is the reason why I am designed. That is why operate. Because what ever flows through me can get to you intact. I was made to give you all I can give. Use me accordingly. In case you haven’t noticed, even though I am stowed away, in your corners, I was made for you - all of this was made for you. It’s all for you, because you deserve it. Why? You are the brightest star.

Behind The Scenes:

I was at a local zoo, walking around when I noticed these pipes bolted together to deliver water to the animals in the cage to the left. I thought it peculiar because the pipes were resting alone, in the corner, used for a purpose - a purpose others may have seen no use for. I knew that they were important in order to supply the water to the animal, so quickly knew it was important to shed some light on these pipes’ existence. Why not? Someone had thought of this in order to better the captive animal’s life. Why not give this piece of art the light it, too, deserves? I hope you’re realizing that no matter what is out there, it is there to support you, made to make your life better in some way, shape, or form. Yours Truly.

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aho-y said: Check my blog out? :)

Sure thing, love! <3

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Climb Up Higher:

What else do you have to lose? In this case, nothing. You can try harder than that. Don’t think I’m trying to cut you down or sell you short. I believe in you. I believe in every fiber that makes up your being. I know if you stand up on your tippy toes, stretch as far and as wide as the eye can see, you will be able to get to what you’re reaching for. Why? Because if you don’t climb up higher, how will you ever see the other side? What if you choose to live that sedimentary life? Just go ahead and do it. I’m asking this of you. You can do this because you have every capable thing inside of you rooting for you. You’ll shine, trust me. Why? Because you’re you - and you are the brightest star.

Behind The Scenes:

As I was walking around the gardens, I noticed this rosebush using the support of a fence to climb up higher. As climbing rosebushes go, they need the extra support in order to survive. I thought its as symbolic to those who are trying to achieve their goals + I wanted to there to remind whoever you are to do what you’re born to do - I’ll support you, if you need it. I’ll be there every inch along the way. I’ll be there, because I’m watching you - watching you sprout, watching you climb, watching you grow - into the person you are today. Yours Truly.

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do-asdreamersdo said: Thank you so much for being my 60th follower!!! You are cool.

Aw, I’m happy that I am! You’re too cool, too.

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